High temp on the NB Asus Rampage gene


Apr 10, 2010
Hi there!
Ive got a question related to the temperatures that I should be expecting for a NB on the Asus Rampage Gene. The specs of the system are:

Case: Lian Li v351
1 ASUS Rampage II GENE
1 WD 300GB Velociraptor
1 Gigabyte GV-N285UD-1GH GeForce GTX 285 1GB (default settings)
1 i7 920 (default settings)
6144MB G.Skill PC3-10666 CL7 Tripl
1 750W Seasonic X-750 Gold 80+
1 Mini ninja as the CPU cooler
1 DVD Asus (B) BC-08B1ST BD/DVD

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits

Modding: I only made a small window on the 5.25 bay on the back of the psu it in order to hide the cables and improve the airflow.

After turning on the computer and leaving it for a while without running any applications, the NB reaches the temperature of 72/ 73 degrees celsius. 53 degrees celsius for the SB and 41/42 for the CPU.

First question is where can I check the temperatures I should expect for this MB on the Asus website. I was not able to find the specs for it.

Which solution do you recommend me to cool the NB without increasing the volume too much?
I am thinking of oc the CPU to 3.2 but I am afraid of the temps...



Apr 20, 2007
X58 NBs run hot, and I shouldn't think overclocking your CPU will take it up too much further than where it already is.

Strapping a 40mm fan to the NB heatsink may work, but they can be a bit noisy. You could try an Antec SpotCool - 80mm fan than you can angle anywhere you want, so aim it right at/over the NB cooler and you should be fine.
I would not be concerned about the temperature of the nb chipset. As LePhuronn already mentiond they run hot. It seems to be okay.

However, if you are so inclined there may be other solutions. I built a system where I removed the nb and sb heatsinks and replaced the thermal compound pads with IC Diamond 7 Carat thermal compound. In addition I replaced the stock heatsinks with copper forged heatsinks. I had the option of installing 40mm fans on top of the heatsinks. However, the fans were very very noisy due to the high rpm's. I removed the fans.

The main reason I removed the stock heatsinks was they were secured with push-pins that did not work very well. Contact between the heatsinks and the chipsets was uneven. You could see it in the impression the chipset made in the thermal compound pads. The forged copper heatsinks were more for show than anything else.