[SOLVED] High temps - Best cooler for 5600x?

Feb 23, 2022
I've been using my 5600X for 6 months now and temps were always around 48-55 idle with stock cooler. Lately the CPU has been reaching up to 65 while idle so I was thinking about updating the cooler. I wanted to ask if yall could recommend some. I was thinking about a 212 black edition because I heard those were good but idk. There is also the option of choosing an AIO but I don't know if those are safe. My case is an Azza Apollo 430 so it's not the best in terms of air flow, so that's another thing I could change but wanted to hear opinions.

I'll throw my lot in for Arctic's R34 eSports Duo. You don't need an AIO for a 5600X.

Also idle temperatures for Ryzen aren't very useful to track because of the way Ryzen reports temperatures and how idle tasks are serviced. If the temperature reporting app is giving you one CPU temperature, it's from the reading that's reporting the hottest part of the CPU. In addition, since Windows has to service idle tasks and they're pretty easy to work on, Windows will throw them all on one or two cores, which causes Ryzen to boost them to the maximum boost speed. This gives the impression that the CPU is never really dropping in temperatures, even though on average the CPU may be several degrees cooler or more.

The only time you really have to worry if temperatures are bad is if it seems excessive for the task. For instance, I noticed my CPU would jump to 60-70C for watching video, something that's mostly handled by the GPU anyway. It turns out I needed to reapply TIM because the previous application appeared to have pumped out.
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With a cpu clearance height of 155mm, the absolute best cooler, at a very affordable price, is the Scythe Fuma2. The best cooler without a budget would be the beQuiet DarkRock TF2. The Fuma is a very short double tower, the TF2 is a downdraft double fan cooler.

A Hyper212, Deepcool AK620, Arctic esports duo or most other budget 120mm towers would be a decent improvement over the stock coolers, except for one thing. They are all @ 160mm tall.
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Cem Goker

Jul 3, 2013
I recommend SE-224-XT by ID Cooling. Great budget coolers that are more than capable of handling Ryzen 5 5600X. In fact I am using one myself (Black edition) and my temps never go beyond 69 Celsius degrees during gaming. I live in the Philippines so temperatures will vary depending on the region you are in.
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