Question High temps / fan speeds

Kizzado0dle 2

Apr 8, 2016

I have an Alienware Aurora R8 with an NVIDIA RTX 2080 8GB card. I've noticed that for the last few months it has been really loud when used for gaming; it would sound normal then the fans would ramp up to what must be 100% for about 2 seconds, then down again to maybe 70% and it would repeat this constantly. It works fine but the sound is annoying.

I took it to a PC shop and got them to clean it out as I was too lazy, though they said it wasn't that dusty in there. That hasn't fixed it, but they did confirm it was the graphics card fan making the noise.

I have since downloaded afterburner and playing around with it, i have the fan set to 90% at temps above 75 degrees (c) and it is pretty much constantly sitting at 79 degrees at that setting. Though at least now it isn't cycling between loud and quiet - a constant loud fun is much less annoying than that cycling was.

Is this normal? The guy that cleaned the PC out seemed to think it was really high temps. Is needing fan speed at 90% normal while gaming (epic settings) ?
How much fan speed is needed depends on a few things:
  • How clean the PC is
  • How much air moves through the PC case
  • How much air the video card's fans move
  • How hot the video card gets for a given fan speed
For instance, I have my fan curve set in such a way that the video card is fine at 60-65%, but I have a case designed for high airflow with fans that can move air through. All of this keeps the GPU at around 65C. I could lower the fan speed, though it would bring the GPU's temps up to 70-75C easily.
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