Question high temps new laptop till optimized cooling

Apr 4, 2019
hi, my intel i7 hex core 8th gen was reaching 100c and staying around 96-97c while gaming. its about 4 months old, there were bios updates that recently fixed the thermal issues, however im concerned about what kind of damage may have taken place. I have a friend who will replace the laptops TP with something decent for gaming, however curious as now temps max at about 75c and idling sits a lil high at about 35-40c its only a couple months old and the manufacturer had poor response to the demands of people for better cooling. we dont have fan control and i have had to undervolt temp throttle and use the coolest fan settings that they gave us. How long does TP take to wear down in those kind of settings and what sort of damage may be done to cpu or heat sink?
no reason to think any damage occurred, the cpu and motherboard will indeed throttle it at 100C, as you observed...

I'd be leery of tearing any laptop( especially one that is under warranty) to get to/replace it's thermal compound only to find the specific compound rarely makes more than a 1-2C difference....

In the future, I'd not buy any laptop for gaming that has not been tested by a 3rd party to handle that load many do not handle it well, despite very competent CPU/GPU selection..

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