high temps on ryzen 1700 stock

Feb 24, 2018
i have a ryzen 1700 with stock cooler at 3200mhz my temps were 72c now its 73c after installing new thermal paste this is at full load on prime95, is this normal or did i get screwed on the silicon lottery. i know its not much of a difference but i dont know if its normal.
Are not many Ryzens shipping with a +20C offset to allow fan speed curves too stay ahead of heat? (Meaning it is possible your temps are 20C lower than indicated, not that 73C is really 'out of control' anyway)

Prime95 is a 'worst case' torture test of a CPU anyway, akin to flooring a car's accelerator and checking the radiator cooling capacity while parked in a garage.

Not sure I'd expect Noctua-like performance from a stock cooler on an 8 core CPU, however..... :)