High Temps With Speedfan


Apr 12, 2006
I'm looking into the possibility of gently overclocking my Barton 2600 in order to save cash on a mobo/CPU upgrade. I've just installed speedfan to check out my temps and three are displayed - 34, 39 and 63. Easytune had previously indicated that the 63 was my CPU temp but now I'm not sure. Speedfan shows three fans running, 2 at various rpms and 1 at 0. I can only see two fans running and the CPU fan is one of them. Speedfan allies the 63 degrees with a 0rpm fan.

Any ideas?

And if 63 is my CPU temp then why is it so high? Even with the case off it's still 57.


Feb 20, 2006
With Speed Fan, you have to label the temp# youself once you understand what it identifies.

When you click on configure button, then you see temp(0-4), select one, then click once again to rename it.

So, Speed Fan doesn't know which is which, but tells you what it can see. If you do have another temp program, that can assist you in figuring out the temps. Again the Fan RPMs it sees, doesn't correlate with the temp reading across it. Its just telling you what it sees.

You probably do have 3 fans, but only 2 are connected to it. If you look at your MB, you should see another connection for another fan to verify it.

63C is high, though I think those chips do run hot. Depending on how old your system is:

1. Heat Sink may have allot of dust preventing air flow through it.
2. Possible that the thermal grease is dried out.
3. With a reading of 57 with the side off, poor airflow somewhere.

If you read Speed Fans FAQ section, it can help:


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