Higher Speed Ram


Oct 12, 2006
Hey Guys,

I have a quick question as I couldn't find the specific answer anywhere. I have an ASUS P5n32-SLI board which support ram @ DDR2-800 (OC'd). My question is if I buy let's say PC2-8500 or PC2-10000 RAM, will it run at it's higher speed. I am currently running 4GB Corsair DDR-800 with an Intel X6800 (Not overclocked). Just trying to speed ram without actually overclocking.

Thanks for your time.
The motherboard supports up to DDR2-1066 so your limit will be PC2-8500, unless there is a Bios update that I don't know of.
You can run the memory at a higher speed than the rest of the system if you want.