Discussion Highlights of A Plague Tale Requiem on Hard with no HUD/upgrades


If you've not played the game, you may want to fast forward to the in game play and skip the cutscenes, although most of them only reveal vague details.

These three videos are from the second half of the game, and contain some of the toughest battles. It is very hard to get in good shots with the sling with no reticle. With no upgrades you can only carry 6 of each resource. The basic strategy for me with these challenges, was to kill only as many enemies as need be, get as close as possible when using the sling, and put what you're aiming at center screen, and use resources as sparingly and quickly as possible, such as luring an enemy toward a tar pot, and slinging it with Ignifer. There are cases however where rock slinging a tar pot makes more sense, to splash and slow more than one enemy, then hand toss Ignifer.


The Chapel

This is at the end of the fairly tough slaver chapter called Bloodline. You can sneak your way through the earlier parts of this chapter, but here you are pretty much forced to fight waves of enemies.

Nothing Left

the spoiler contained in the cutscene at the end is a major reveal, so you may want to skip it.

Ruined Village - Rescue

This is the end of the chapter Nothing Left. It includes an all stealth strategy in the mission Ruined Village, and another battle with waves of enemies in a mission where you save Arnaud called Rescue.

Healing our Wounds

Escape - Assault

Dying Sun

Stranded - Duel

This is the end and start of chapters Healing our Wounds, and Dying Sun. It starts with an escape on Sophia's ship, which turns into a battle onboard, then ends with the start of the chapter Dying Sun, where Amecia and Arnaud are stranded on a beach, then engage in a tough battle where Arnaud is dueling with the Count, while Amecia deals with more waves of enemies.

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