HIS HD4850 black screen during gaming and furmark


Jun 11, 2009
Oh god please help me. I have been spending the last 11 hours trying to figure out what is wrong with my new HD4850 iceq4 turbo 512 mb card which I received yesterday. I installed it and street fighter 4 and furmark both crash to a black screen. I have tried everything I can think of. I have read all the forums and nothing.

I updated all my drivers, mobo. chipset. I updated my bios. I used different catalyst drivers 8.8, 9.2, 9.6 My computer is compaq athlo 64 2.4 Ghz. 2 gigs of ram. antec 500W NEO_HE PSU.

rivatuner does not support this card and when I run it the core clock changes from 500-650Mhz and back every second, it does not stay at one core clock even if I am not doing anything, GPU-z stays at 500 unless I close a window or something similar and it spikes for a second at 650Mhz.

I renamed furmark.exe as suggested, I run it at the lowest resolution of 640x480 in windowed mode and it runs for literally one second and then I get a black screen.

I ran street fighter 4 at 1680x1050 with high settings on my last card which was starting to artifact ( x1900xt 512 ) and it ran fine except for lots of spiking artifacts, hence the new 4850 card. I try to run street fighter 4 at same settings and it gives me a black screen but I can here sound sometimes. This morning it crashed with a buzzing sound.

This is insane and I really could use your help.

I ran driver cleaner to get rid of older ati drivers, I tried running just the device driver without CCC. I tried disabling VPU recover.

I have been running the fan at 100%, I noticed that my old x1900xt fan at 100% was much more powerful compared to this one at 100%.

I read something about ati powerplay causing problems so I tried editing a profile in CCC and editing the xml file to ensure the core was always at 650 in stead of only in 3d but that did nothing.
there must be something I have not tried.