HIS ICEQ4 or XFX warrenty


Apr 28, 2009
So i know this might be stupid to ask lol but for kicks. What would you buy?

I can either get a HIS ICEQ4 4850 or a XFX 4850

I heard the cooler on the ICEQ is amazing but if i have XFX's mod and OC friendly double lifetime warrenty then it might not even matter.

There both around the same price. The ICEQ4 is only a few bucks more.

Any Light on the situation would be much appreciated. :-]
That XFX warranty is dependant on where in the world you are. Check the website for details.
Personally i have had His ICEQ cards before and i think they are worth the extra. The XFX card would be my choice if you fancied OCing the bits off of it as the His cards, if its the Turbo edition tend to be very near the limit any way.
I have had small OC's from them but then again you have higher gauranteed clocks for a start anyway.