His radeon 4670 iceQ on a 300watt power supply?



Hello my name is brill and i have a new computer and i want a more powerfull card. But i just have a power supply with 300watt so i don,t know if i can run radeon 4670 iceQ 1gb becuse it need 400watts or greater please aim not good at this.
300W will be pushing it with that card. The manufacture states 400W for a reason. You will want to upgrade your PSU to fit the recommended specs before installing that card. Sometimes you can get away with a lower wattage PSU if it is of good quality and can handle the current on the 12V rails. I'd say maybe a SOLID 350W, but I have a feeling your 300W is an OEM style.


Sep 15, 2009
^It really depends on the rest of your system specs; if you have a low power system otherwise, your psu might be able to handle it, but we have no way of knowing until you post your full system specs and the psu model number and/or rail info.
It really does depend on what you've got in the rest of your system. One of my machines is running an HD4650 on a 350W PSU with no problems at all, even though the manufacturer specs for that card say 400W. Manufacturer specs are generally going to err on the high side because they're just guessing at the setup for hte rest of your machine; you could theoretically have anything.

On the other hand, 300W is not a whole lot to work with. The 4670 doesn't use a whole lot of power, but like others have said, it's impossible to know without the rest of your system specs. I'd be surprised if it checks in at over 300W total, though.