HIS Radeon 6950 CCC display problem


Aug 28, 2011
Hi all,

I just put together a new build today. Everything went fairly well and I have Win7 installed. However, I was fooling around in Catalyst Control Center (trying to stretch my display to the full size of my HDTV) and turned on this one option (don't remember the name but it was something about stretching the picture). Anyways, now my card does not output any video on my HDTV. The only way I can see anything is by booting into safe mode, but I cannot disable the option from there. I tried resetting CCC to default settings in safe mode but it does not carry over. Any help would be appreciated greatly!

well it appears I solved my own problem. I just uninstalled the drivers in safe mode, managed to boot normally with video, and reinstalled. Heh, should've waited before asking but I was anxious. :p