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Question Hissing sound from one of the Creative BlasterX Kratos speakers


Jun 16, 2009
I recently bought new speakers from Creative, the Sound BlasterX Kratos S3. I don't need outstanding sound as I'm using the speakers sparsely anyway but the problem I encountered is that the left speaker keeps hissing regardless of whether something is played and the volume/bass knobs position.

I did my research and some people are complaining that their Creatives are giving out a slight hiss too - and my right speaker does that too but I'd be completely fine with it were it not for the left speaker which hisses thrice as loud. I recorded a video to show this in action:
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ar00qWZ_pN0

I've tried connecting them to a different audio source, tried moving the cable that goes to the left speaker away from any other cables to make sure a nearby power cable isn't causing the disturbance somewhere along the way but to no avail. As I mentioned, the volume and bass knobs make no difference either and the hissing is always of consistent intensity. Tried installing Creative's drivers from the website and their BlasterX Acoustic Engine software but it changed nothing either.

I'm pretty desperate for a solution different than sending them in for warranty cause where I live the warranty laws are a nightmare and will surely mean months of back-and-forth between me and the seller for which I don't really have energy right now. Anything else I may try to combat such an issue?