History of Intel Chipset (Archive)

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I love walks down memory lane! It's been nearly 20 years (Jan 1998) when I built my first PC, a Pentium II 333MHz with an Nvidia Riva 128 GPU. Moving from console with a 640x480 resolution TV to a gaming PC using a 1280x1024 resolution desptop monitor was a thing of beauty to my eyes. Quake II was the first game I played on it, and I will never forget being in awe at how far down the halls I could see and shoot the enemy - the visual quality and depth perception took gaming for me to the next level. I never looked back. The only mistake I ever made in hardware selection was jumping on the RAMBUS memory bandwagon with a Pentium 4 build as RDRAM was abandoned (and wise I might add).

It's gone. Everything uses DMI now. Intel also has its Omni-Path Interconnect. It put this on processors for the Purley platform. But it isn't used to connect to the chipset.

As for Socket 1, it didn't have special chipsets. Like Crashman said, it used the 440BX and similar chipsets.



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Socket 1? The 5V-only predecessor to Sockets 2 and 3? Surely you mean Slot 1 :D

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