Hitachi 2tb SATA HD freezing when I try to access it


Apr 19, 2007
I have a 2tb Hitachi SATA hard drive in my secondary computer I use for everyday stuff. I was downloading stuff that day, and all of a sudden the downloads went from green to red and each download said the error "file cannot be found".... when I went to go into windows explorer it froze.

I restarted and there was no hard drive..... BUT if I shut the computer OFF and then turned it on, it was would boot into Windows etc....but awhile later it would freeze (I forget what or when exactly it would freeze).....

So, I took it out and connected it as a secondary drive on THIS PC. Right now I am using the PC just fine..... BUT if I attempt to play a file from that drive, it will freeze. I can go into different folders, and browse files, but once I play freezes just like the other pc. ....and if i RESTART the drive won't be there....but if i shut it OFF, and then turn it on - it will be there.

I am TRYING to back up what files I can from the drive, but every time it starts to transfer (I start with smaller folders), it will start and then the green bar on the transfer window/box will stop... i can move the mouse for a little while, but eventually it all freezes.

The hard drive is not making any clicking noises , or any unusual noises at all..... and it actually stayed up and running just fine when I ran a check on the blocks, etc.....all were green.There were no bad sectors.

So, here are my questions

1> is my hard drive bad / going bad (if NOT, what can I do to fix it)

2> if so, what can I do to backup the files ?????

thanks a lot for your help!