Hitachi XL1000


Apr 21, 2012
When I plug it in Windows detects the hard drive but when I click on it it gives the message that I can't access it and I need to format. However when I do format it says that Windows was unable to do the format. The file system is RAW, so I couldn't do CHKDSK. Is their anything I can do? I don't care about the data that is in it, but I did pay 120 dollars and I would like to be able to utilize the storage capacity.

1) Download the diagnostics from Hitachi's site and run diagnostics. See if the drive is failed.

2) In Disk Management, delete any partitions that may be on the drive (you don't need the data, right?), re-initialize it as an MBR disk unless it is over 2.2 TiB in size, create a partition, and format the partition as ntfs.

3) Let us know if that did it for you.

What happened to the drive in the first place? Was there once data on it, or is this a brand-new drive? Brand-new drives need to be partitioned and formatted before use. Drives that previously held data should not have lost it.

EDIT: Oh, it's external. That raises a whole new host of questions, like can you remove the drive from the housing and attach it directly to the motherboard without breaking anything.