Jul 29, 2020
Ok so basically I bought a new monitor, HKC NB27C2 144hz, and I could not get it to work on my RX580 DVI only gpu. I am always getting out of range/no signal error.
What I'm so confused about is that I tried this monitor on my brother's PC using display port and it worked at 144hz.
Also, the dvi-d chord that I'm using is also working on my AOC monitor.

Thing is, whenever I disable display adapter on device manager using my AOC monitor, HKC then seems to be working but I cant utilize it cause AMD Radeon is disabled.

I also updated my ASUS mobo bios using ez flash.
I uninstalled, reinstall driver two times already.

Should I buy another DVI-D cable?
I don't know what to do at this point.

HKC NB27C2 144hz monitor
AOC Monitor
ASUS H61M-e mobo
Kingston 2x8gb ram
Intel i7-2600k
DVI-D Cable
750w True Rated PSU