HL2 3800+ ATI vs. NV


Aug 20, 2004
Here is some info with some benchmarking of HL2 with a 3800+ on both ATI and NVIDIA cards:

<A HREF="http://www.vr-zone.com/?i=1193&s=1 " target="_new">http://www.vr-zone.com/?i=1193&s=1 </A>

I think we all knew that ATI cards would reign supreme in HL2, but I was actually more interested to see how well this 3800+ performed with different video cards. An added note, you can really see where the extra 4 pixel pipelines of the x800xt really help out in these tests at a higher resolution)

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Nov 27, 2003
I`m about to buy a new vid. card, but dont know what to buy, a X800 ore a 6800 ?
Curently i have a Geforce 4ti600.

I think i will wait until HL2 hits the market and then i will decide wich game i prefer most, HL2 or Doom3.
And ofcourse it is importend wich card performs best in UT2004, and this still is Nvidia.

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