[SOLVED] HLaptop: Is a 2 SSD + HDD realistically posible?

Apr 11, 2019

Right now I have a 15" gaming laptop that I did not buy new and am thinking about upgrading to something more beastly. The machine I have now looks like it has two slots for those SSD sticks and then another slot for a HDD.

My question is when I get the bigger more powerful machine can I use the 128GB SSD for the OS from my old machine, use the pre-installed 512GB SSD for my games etc and use the bigger HDD from either machine for mass storage of videos etc? Would that extra SSD noticeably impact power requirements?

*A third question is in regards to the HDD. The manufacturer does not have the option of increasing beyond 1TB, but just for giggles I would like to do that. The power consumption question comes into play here as well. By default I cannot select the 90Whr battery without picking a more robust storage configuration (which would be significantly more expensive than purchasing a lesser config and installing storage found elsewhere).

*I forgot to mention that the machine that I am saving up for will be at least 15", probably 17" which is why I am assuming it will have that additional SSD slot.


Mar 16, 2013
The M17 appears to have space for 2x PCIe drives, and a regular SATA drive.
However, your old 128GB SSD is almost certainly a SATA drive. Which would suck up the lone SATA port.

And if you had a 512GB + 1TB drive space, adding a 128GB is not even 10% of the total space.
And, a 128GB drive is right on the edge of TooSmall.

Don't worry about using that drive in the new laptop.
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