Home Built system Power cycling


Jul 10, 2012
I am having an issue with a home built PC i jsut put togeather.
a bit of history first. I had the PC running as a HTPC for a few years untill one day i got a call from my wife saying it "sizzleing" and not working any more. I got home and nothing would power on. I ordered a new SFX power supply (silverstone 450w SFX). I didn't help, so ordered a new MOBO and CPU. after a few issues I have finally ended up with a Gigabuye H370M D3H and an Intel i5-8400. only part of the old system is the RAM and the HDDs.
I also had to order a 24pin extention cable because the cable that came witheh power supply is about an in and a half too short.
the isuse I am running into is after I press the power button the system will power up. It sometimes seem as iff hte fans are struggleing (speeding up and slowing down). it'll stay on for a few seconds then go into an infinate power cycle. turrning on and powering off repeatedly.
I have done the standard remove everything except the power switch and the power cables for the Mobo. and still same issue. this is the second set of CPU and MOBO that I've ordered and find it improbable that BOTH sets I ordered are bad. Is there anything else I can do to figure out where the issue is?

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