Home computer for $800


Dec 12, 2012
I hope you guys can help me with this. I need to build a home computer that will be used for basic web browsing, data entry (windows home office), and storage for files and pictures. I need it to be run on Windows 7.

I do not need a keyboard or mouse or monitor.

Prefer 1 Tb> HDD

Do not need a gaming videocard (this computer is being built for an elderly gentleman who is close to computer illiterate)

I know that I could just walk into bestbuy and pick up a $400 computer and call it a day, but I was checking to see if i could get more for my money by building it for him.

Please keep in mind that he wants a computer that is going to last him for the next 4-5 years without having to upgrade more than a possibly switching to a new OS sometime in the future.

Thanks for the help everyone.

EDIT : Please include a BluRay Burner in build suggestions. thanks again