Home internet backup via Cell Phone as hotspot


Sep 30, 2016
I have searched and many confusing articles they dont seem to describe my screnario. I suspect I am not the first to try to solve this and would appreciate pointing me to post that exists.

I have a typical home internet connection.
Internet->DSL/CableModem->WifiRouter->Many hosts behind WifiRouter

If/when the Internet provider goes down I would like to be able to provide whole home internet via my Cell Phone. Something like this:

Internet->CellPhone as HotSpot->Accesspoint->WifiRouter->Many Hosts behind wifi router.

Ideally I could have an AccessPoint on standby and I could simply swap it into the WAN Ethernet port of WifiRouter.
Then enable WifiHotspot on my CellPhone and the AccessPoint would connect to my cellphone and all internet traffic would route to my home hosts.
The AP would mimic the DSL/Cable Modem connection. Ie: Allow Wifirouter to establish the WAN connection via DHCP. (no reconfigureation of WifiRouter needed)

I am hazzy on the features needed on the AccessPoint, can any please elaborate or point me to a thread that already covers this topic. (I did search but did not seem to find)

Thanks in advance.



I had a similar situation when my ISP was purchased and my service was interrupted for a week. What I did was buy an Engenius 202 -- http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833168115 and my neighbor allowed me to link to his WIFI. BUT to test my implementation I used my cell phone. The ENS202 is good because it is designed to be WIFI in and a router on the ethernet side. All I did was disconnect my ISP router from my network (so that there would be only 1 DHCP server) and connect the Engenius after I got it configured correctly. You can test everything by connecting a laptop to the Engenius and not disturb the rest of your network. My 30 devices never knew the difference.



It does. Use it in router mode with your phone as the WIFI source. Your network will never know the difference. It can be a little bit of a pain to configure. Watch some YouTube on configuration, I made a few errors which slowed me down.