Question Home Monitors with work Laptop, any easy options??


May 22, 2009
This seems like something that would exist, but maybe I'm doing my searches wrong and not seeing the answer. We are being asked to either stay later or work from home or a combination of the two. I'm sure this is pretty common these days :( With two new children at home I'd like to be more present for dinner and bedtime and then work on my laptop from home. My laptop is my full computer at work. It utilizes the Dell docking station, and I undock it at end of day to take home. I have 2x24" 1080p monitors and the laptop screen at work. At home I'm down to 1 15" laptop screen and work very slowly.

I know it's probably a bad idea to have it run through my desktop somehow, but I thought using alternative inputs in the monitor I might be able to have something to plug into the laptop that would use either one or both of my 32" 4K displays at home in addition to being my primary desktop monitors. I can give specifics of display type and exact model of laptop, but it was more a general question of if this was a simple fix or there was a whole lot going on here I'm not thinking about. Thanks!!


Mar 10, 2019
Obtain a duplicate Dell dock for use at home, and connect your monitors to it.
I'll second that.

A family member of mine works for a geotech company that has been encroaching upon his home life, in a similar manner. He had to pop for (interestingly enough a Dell brand as well) an additional dock to use at home; but it does work well, and makes set-up for working from home very fast.

Hopefully your salary has been commensurately adjusted for the extra obligations.