Home network router which can limit/balance bandwidth


May 18, 2016

I currently have a Dlink wireless gigabit router model DIR-655. The problem I am having is bandwidth saturation. The only feature the DIR-655 offers to combat this is a fairly lack luster QoS. It just doesn't seem to work well for what I need.

I mainly play online games on my computer, it doesn't need much bandwidth. But there are guest computer, phones and Netflix devices that soak up every bit of bandwidth leaving none for me. My ping in games on a good day is about 50ms, but when the guest PC's, phones or Netflix start streaming stuff, it shoots up to 1000+ms making it unplayable.

I have tried loading DD-WRT on a spare Linksys router model WRT54G and the QoS didn't seem to be very good on that either, plus it's not gigabit which I need.

Another thing I have tried was to load a program called NetLimiter on the guest PC's which works pretty good. WHen they start streaming, it will spike for a few seconds but quickly go back down which I could live with. But I still have no control over the phones or Netflix devices.

I'm looking for a home class router or perhaps a cheap small office router that can control bandwidth. Something with balancing would be ideal, so that when there's only 1 device on, it get full bandwidth, 2 it gets split 50/50, 3 they each get 1/3, etc. Or a routher that can limit bandwidth based on IP's or IP ranges, where I can set all ranges other then my PC to use a max of 2/3, leaving me 1/3 or something along those lines.

From what I have been reading, it looks like TP-Link router can do this? All of them? They seem to have quite a few models and I'm not sure which ones can control bandwidth. Or maybe another brand of home routers that can also do this?

I have a file server and I was debating on trying to install some kind of router OS into VMware, but that seems a bit overkill if I can get a router to do it instead which I would prefer.

I just need:
Wireless N
Bandwidth Balancing/Limiting

Thanks in advance.


Jun 1, 2016
I'm mostly found home router features to be disappointing. I normally look for routers that support the best custom firmware for what I need. It may be a bit pricey for what your looking for but you could get an Asus rt-ac68u then load Tomato Shibby custom firmware on it. It has real time per IP bandwidth monitoring and you can set bandwidth limits per ip or shared across a range of IP's. It's also Dual band so that alone would probably help with bandwidth issues.