Question Home Network Setup


Jan 16, 2016

I have set up a network at home using 3 different devices: 2 wireless routers and 1 wireless repeater.
My network works as follows:

#1 - Main Router - receiver of Internet connection, has an ethernet cable connected to its LAN port, leading to...
#2 - Router in AP mode - receiving the ethernet cable from #1 into a LAN port. IP set to static (within router #1's range) and DHCP turned off.
#3 - Wireless Repeter (TP Link TL-WA850RE) - connected to the Main Router's network.

So, #1 and #2 are working fine. I have Internet when connected to any of those 2 devices. But when connected to my Wireless Repeater, I don't have Internet access. The pages stay in an endless buffering state, and sometimes it says that there's no connection. I've tried fiddling around with the Repeater static IP, but it didn't help.
The Repeater worked fine when it was only connected to the Main Router, and there was no AP, so I'm guessing there's something to do with that? Maybe an IP address conflict? I have no idea.

Main Router IP:
AP Router IP: (gateway the same as Main Router's IP)

On the Repeater, I have these set to auto, but already tried them as static... Maybe you could let me know what I should set them to (IP, gateway and DNS).

Thank you!


Is the RE led on, off, or blinking?
How many bars of signal are you seeing it? (not the device you're using to connect to it)
If the ethernet light is on, connect a cable to it and plug in a laptop and see if you have internet.