Question Home network setup

Feb 15, 2021
Can someone tell me if my home network is set up right?
I'm not expecting any great speeds as I only get max 80Mb on plusnet, using a plusnet hub one.
I use the Tenda MW3 mesh for 2 hard to cable bedrooms. 1 bedroom is mainly for fire tv streaming (ethernet), where as the 2nd bedroom has a fire tv (ethernet) and 2 phones and 2 laptops on wifi. The living room has pc, shield, tv, xbox, mesh main box all on ethernet, and phones and laptops on wifi.
Ive included a very rough pic of the setup as it is.
I suppose the question is: is this the best use of what I have? Can it be improved by having the mesh main box going into the 8 port switch?
I'm going to upgrade to another router later in the year or possibly an ax band mesh.
Hoping some can advise
Cheers if you can
Mesh does not magically give you better signals in the remote rooms. Your are suppose to place the units 1/2 between the router and the remote location you want signal.

You best upgrade is to find a way to have a wired connection to the remote rooms. You can use you "mesh" silly devices as AP. The best of course is ethernet. The next option is you have coax tv cables is Moca. Then you consider powerline networks, you want to use the newer AV2 based units.

Unless you actually need a new router I would not buy any of the wifi6 stuff. It does not have any better coverage and it does not run any faster unless you have wifi6 end devices. In many cases it runs slower or the same because it is trying to use 160mhz of bandwidth and is getting stomped on by neighbors or the weather radar avoidance rules. And what makes it even less valuable technology is it is already outdated. Wifi6e equipment is starting to come to market which will solve the over crowding because of all the new bandwidth. Even wifi6e though will not solve the coverage issue because the transmit power levels allowed are the same so the signal still only will penetrate so far before being absorbed.
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