Home Network


Nov 30, 2002
In the interest of learning, I set up a home network with 5 PCs in the following configuration.

PC#1 = 2K Server
PC#2 = XP
PC#3 = XP
PC#4 = 2K Pro

These PCs are in the "test.network.com" domain. Naturally the 2K server is the domain controller. It is also running DNS for the home network.

What is the best way to share my internet connection?
Should I use ICS on the 2K domain controller?

I initially had ICS running on the 2K pro PC (1 NIC using DHCP e.g. roadrunner and 1 NIC with a static IP The other PCs were given static IPs as well e.g. .2, .3, etc.

When I use one of the XP PCs to log into the domain, and try to ping an internet address I always get host not found. For this machine I have DNS pointing to the 2K server PC and a default gateway pointing to the 2K pro machine (

What am I doing wrong? What is the best way to set up a home network with a domain controller?


Maybe I'm just #@cked!