Home networking with different permissions


Jan 7, 2013
Ok so I have exhausted my networking knowledge with Windows and I am asking for someone's help here.
I have 3 pc's in my home all connected to the same wireless network. I have my main PC which will act as a sort of server, then I have 2 laptops. I would like my personal laptop to be able to change files and ask as an administrator to my main server PC. But I would also like the other laptop(my wife's) not to be able to change anything and just read.
I cannot wrap my head around these permissions things. I get to the point where I can assign permissions, but I do not see my laptop or my wifes latop when trying to set them up.
I hope this made some sense, if anyone could help that would be great.

I am running Windows 8 on my main server PC, and then Vista and XP on the laptops.