Home page locks up IE...what the???

Seems like the last few weeks, Toms home page continuously locks up my browser, IE, and the only way to get it working agian is to end the program and restart. Basically crash after crash after crash after crash, well you get the picture. Tried reinstalling, resetting, all the usual....no help yet.
Tom's (Best of Media) is the only site that does this, and only the home page does it.
Anyone got an answer for this? :??:
Thanks in advance.
^ Yup. I find my self changing my Fire Fox Persona (Down load it, it's pretty cool) every day lol. Also download the following adons:

1. CoolIris (formaly Pic Lense)- Image searches couldn't get any better. Try it and normal page by page Image searches are a thing of the past.

2. Ad Block Plus-need I say more?

3. WebMail Notifier - New Email notifications

4. Faster Fox (Experimental) - loads up most pages faster (5 seconds vs 10 seconds). Also gives you a pretty darn accurate page load timer.

5. WOT (Web of Trust) - Ranks pages based on reliability,etc Based on "reviews" by users.

Google all of those and you should be able to find and install them.


Nov 26, 2006
I use probably 2 dozen extensions for various uses.

Downloadhelper for ripping vids from YouTube and the like.
FFvB for vBulletin management.
FireFTP for my FTP transfers.
Extended StatusBar for page load times, speeds and other data.
MeasureIt to measure pixel widths and heights of anything on screen.
PDF Downloads to read PDF files.
Pencil to draw on screen.
AdBlock Plus.
Answers which let me Ctrl + Click to pop up a highlighted words definition.
BroadBand Speed Test and Diagnostics.
Customize Google to remove Google ads, add results counter and more.
Customer for Firefox to do other specialized customizations.
Nightly Tester Tools to use experimental stuff.
RAMback to measure RAM usages.
User Agent Switcher to fool IE only web sites.

...and more.
I did install a couple right away, like Adblock Plus (get rid of that friggin Kontera pasted all over the forums) and a pretty cool little weather deal called Aniweather. I'll get around to some those you have suggested this week. Thanks again.