Question Home router and bridge mode


Jan 20, 2008
Hello. I have a TP-Link AC2300 wifi router and a 4-pack home mesh wifi system Tenda MW6. I have an idea to connect the mesh system in bridge mode with my TP-Link router. As my TP-Link router also has wifi capabilities, do I disable the TP-Link wifi radio and use the mesh system wifi radio instead? I have no need of a guest wifi. Thanks.
Can you toss the tenda units in the trash can and just start over.

The tenda units are garbage compared to your current tplink router. They would have a 1200 number on them. They are also very bottom line mesh unit they do not have extra dedicated radios to communicate between the units . They are basically low end repeater that they call mesh.
They suffer from all the downsides of any repeater key being you are going to lose 1/2 your bandwidth.

To directly answer your question you would either remove the tplink and put the tenda in its place or you could just leave the tplink the way it is and run router behind router. You might want to leave the wifi radios on in the tplink with different SSID so devices that could connect directly could use the higher speed data encodings.

Now in theory you can connect the remote tenda nodes to the tplink router over wifi using the repeater method called WDS. Hard to say what tenda supports. Many mesh systems use proprietary stuff, mesh is not actually part of any wifi standard so all vendors run their own.
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