Question Home server/nas advice


Aug 3, 2013
So basically I want a system that I can store all my data on for access from any device on the network with my permission but can also can support a p2p client, system will obviously be on 24/7. Now onto on hand hardware. I currently have 4or5 (can't remember) brand new 8tb hdd's here ready and I have an i7 4790 (non k) and asus z87 impact mobo with 8gb ram left over from last build that I thought I could re-use if needed with something like the inwin ms 04
As I have a noctua l9i handy as well. my biggest concern is that I doesn't have m.2 support or msata so I wouldn't have a boot drive plus the 4 hdd's.
Are these parts worth using?
If so is the inwin case/psu combo the best small solution?
What the best operating system and how would I set it up?
Thanks very much I'm looking forward to the reply.
budget is pretty limited atm, and redundancy would presumably be through software based raid.