Home Theatre With Creative Inspire T6200 ? Possible


Feb 4, 2010
Hello Every Body ,,,

Sry For My Language ,,,

My Budget Will Make Me Have Speaker >>> Creative Inspire T6200 5.1

I Need To Know Which Sound Card From Creative Only Cuz in My Town ,, There 's Only Creative Products

That Supply Dts / Dolby Digital

And is It Possible That I Can Enjoy Sound From Blu-Ray Movies ,, Surround Me When i Put Speakers With The Correct Position 2 Front ,, 2 Behind ,, 1 Centre Above Lcd Screen

i want to know am i be able to hear Clear Voice and From each speaker Clost TO Cinema ,,, in my bedroom

and it 's Very Small ,, and if there any thing else i need cables ,, recevier like this to get wut i want

Thx for the great site and ,, have a nicy day all :love:
The T6200's will work for a small room - not great, but they will work. The speakers are self powered.

I'm pretty much in the same situation in Saudi Arabia. I have T7900's connected to one of my computers. They work ... OK. Anything better would cost much more than I am willing to spend. We are talking about a self-imposed budget here. :)