Homebuilt system, sluggish at times.


Feb 11, 2007
So I have a homebuilt system thats approx 12 months old now. Inside it has

Pentium E2140
2 gig RAM
Foxxconn Motherboard (using the onboard intel graphics)
standard 160gig hd

So it aint going to be running Crysis anytime soon. But then the most demanding thing that this system does is visit Facebook or play a bit of online poker.

The system boots up fine and dandy, no problems there. But then when I try to go into a program whether its logging onto the internet or looking at the device manager or something. Sometimes it will jump straight in, sometimes it will just hang for half an hour and then suddenly pop up. I can jump online and everything is fine for an hour or so and all of a sudden the system just hangs.

Ive tried 3 or 4 reinstallations of Vista (using Home Premium) and the problem persists. Right now im guessing its maybe an issue with either the processor, ram or the hard drive. I am kind of stuck though atm. Anyone have any ideas on what it might be and any tests I might run to check it without me going out and basically buying all the parts for a new system?