Question Honor 8x android update

Feb 17, 2020
Hello everyone
I hope u'd have a nice self quarantine until now lmao
Just wanted to know that anyone here got Honor 8x and if he or she updated it's android, what would he suggest me? Updating my android or not?
My android version is already 8 and i have no problem with the device literally no problem
Just wanted to know if anyone updated it here
Would it be great as its former version
I mean im scared about having battery issues or slow processing after updating
So what do you say?

Math Geek

is this an official update from honor? or some random build from the web you can use after rooting and so on?

if its official you'll find plenty of info by looking at the company's help forum. people will be going nuts posting if there are issues with the update. if yo don't see it, then it's gonna be worth it to update.

i don't mean a single person either. but hundreds describing the same issues over and over. any update will have a few problems, but you're looking for widespread similar issues from all over if there is an actual problem.

if this is some custom build you found on the web, then you'll only know how it goes once it is done. XDA foums is a good resource for that type stuff. any problems will get directly to the develop of the OS to be addressed directly.