[SOLVED] Hopefully a simple settings fix....

Math Geek

I recently reinstalled an old RTS game i haven't played in years. old Dawn of War series. to look around the map of the game you simply move the mouse to that edge of the screen and the map scrolls that way.

i have a tv plugged in as a second monitor i watch streaming movies and such on. it's only turned on when i'm streaming otherwise it is off. i am finding with the second monitor plugged in that when i go to the right edge of the screen, the mouse keeps going off screen to where the second monitor would be. so of course the camera won't move that way as it does not register the mouse as at the edge of the screen yet. the game is only on one screen but it still knows there is a second screen available to the side it seems like it wants to use.

is there a setting in game or even in steam program (since that's where the game is played from) that let's me turn off the second screen automatically when in game? kind of a pain in the butt to go into display settings and disable it or to unplug the hdmi cable every time i wanna play the game. i do not want to play on 2 screens so that is out of the question. the single large screen i have is ample to play on :)


Oct 29, 2017
If you're using Windows 7 or later, you can press the Windows Key + P to switch your display settings more easily. Just change it to PC screen only and your computer should ignore the second screen. When you want to bring the second screen back, just use the same key combo and switch to Duplicate or Extend again :)

Math Geek

thanks, that's pretty good. didn't know that one existed. i'd put that #2 on the list :D

i'm still hopeful there is some kind of setting that will just turn it off for me when i open steam or a game or something like that. simply because of course i'm gonna forget more often than not to turn it off until i'm in game and getting shot before i remember to change it :pt1cable:

but if not, then that seems like a pretty good and easy to use compromise.