Question Hopefully this is the right place ARGB custom cable questions


Apr 23, 2018

To better cable manage my computer I just built, I want to make custom length cables and had a few questions I was hoping someone could help me with. I'm going to start by doing the fan cable mod BitWit suggests and essentially trimming down the cables to as close as possible to the fan itself then making custom cables to go from the fan to the controller/mobo.

So my questions, I have Enermax Squa RGB fans that use a normal 5v 3 pin connector, I should be able to change the connector to the same one Corsair uses on their fans right?

I like them more because they actually lock and don't fall apart all the time. After changing the connector I planned on making a custom cable that runs from the now corsair plug of the fan then splices the three fans together and eventually ends in a aquacomputer rgbpx connector to plug into a fabwerk.

Anyone happen to know the name/type of a normal 5v 3 pin ARGB connector, as well as the Corsair one and lastly the Aquacomputer one?

Also the argb cable is only 3 wires, but the aquacomputer rgbpx is 4 I think,anyone have any idea how would I do this?

Anyone have any suggestions on doing this? or any tips on something I might be missing for forgetting?