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Jul 17, 2019
I am looking for a new build. I already upgraded my GPU from GTX 1070 to RTX 3070 and in two months I am planning to buy a new CPU (13700K or 13900K) and maybe upgrade my PSU and case.

I have read there can be issues with the latest CPUs because of the heavier coolers, and also GPUs, and the mainboard can sag.

I don't have a space problem, and I thought maybe a rather expensive horizontal case would solve both problems, but when I checked, I saw that there aren't many options.

I would like to read your ideas about that.

Nice Nicer

May 24, 2021
Most horizontally orientated pc cases seem to be micro ATX size, if I look at eBay and such, and they're often low profile which makes finding a graphic card that fits kind of complicated.
You can often find them second hand in Germany, but they seem to be intended for media center PCs or office computers ( very basic design and only one or two drive bays, which can be very limiting if you're still using HDDs).

I have this case
Have to say, that it looks really interesting. I added a blue LED stripe and a different 200 mm fan to the front and temperatures are completely okay , both CPU and GPU.

Some pictures

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A quality air cooler like noctua will not make the motherboard sag; the base plates are very good.

On the gpu, and some are monsters, there may be an issue.
But, motherboard pcie slots are now mostly reinforced.
Some motherboards offer gpu supports or they can be bought separately.

That said, there are some very interesting cube cases out there that mount the motherboard horizontally.
I bought the CM HAF XB EVO:
I bought it mainly because I had a limited depth requirement for my workspace(16.7")
I also wanted a 5.25 dvd mount.