Horizontal distortion lines?!! HELP


Mar 29, 2010
HI about ready to smash it all and get a tv/console :)

Set up one week ago was a hd 5770 and syncmaster226bw
My monitor was failing for a while, flashing until warm... and I started to notice horizontal distortion lines in skyrim and while surfing the net. In skyrim it looked like screen tearing. Scrolling on facebook, if you scroll fast its fine, slow scrolling results in random horizontal distortion lines that come and go very quickly in different locations only when scrolling. Screen shots to not capture.

I went and bought a new monitor as I was sick of waiting for mine to warm up synkmaster s24b350, horizontal lines still there, new cable.. My games played horrible now because my 5770 could not handle the bigger monitor, so I bought a 7870. Lines still there in skyrim and facebook, forums ect. I nuked it all, fresh instal, Skyrim is fixed but surfing is worse than ever. Both monitors do the same thing. I'm trying the new beta drivers atm. I took ram out and reseeded.

Is it my ps, mb,ram? IM at at a loss here. ANyone ever had this problem or any ideas, Thank you so much!