Question Horizontal Lines Issue on Acer Nitro 5

Apr 14, 2021
Hey everyone,
I bought this Acer Nitro 5 (AN515-55) laptop 6 months ago. Now I have this strange issue which is driving me nuts!

Everything seems fine when I switch the laptop on at the beginning of the day. Then these horizontal lines begin to appear as time goes by. The flickering-horizontal lines gradually rises about top line of the taskbar and stays as it is. I thought that this somehow should related with temperature. So one day I decided to play some challenging games (GTA V, Cyberpunk 2077 etc..) a while to see how worse it could be. Then I noticed that the line count began to decrease by themselves while I playing. Next day, I switched off the laptop when the lines came back and they were gone when I switch it on again after about 30 minutes. Lines are increasing and decreasing occasionally so to speak. I also tried to play with the flex cable that is attached to the motherboard with no luck.

I guess this isn't related with any software issue as same thing also happens on the BIOS screen (and the display is fine on TV).

I don't want to send it to Acer service because there are no repair center where I live and I don't have the time to wait my laptop to come back. How can I identify the source of the issue?

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