Question Horrible FPS with 2080 ti in Warzone no matter what I do

May 26, 2020
Ok so I'm pretty pissed of right now because I've spend the last hour trying to get the best performance out of my 2080 ti in cod warzone to no effect. I've optimized every single windows setting, game setting, and graphics card setting and I'm still getting crap for FPS. I was watching someone else play who was getting 200-240 at all times with the exact same settings and system specs, while I can barely struggle to get above 150 with this $1200 graphics card. If I am getting good fps, on a good day in warzone, I get 140-200, but not without it stuttering and bouncing around like it's on drugs or something. I've done benchmarks and am not experiencing nearly as many performance issues in other games. I haven't damaged my card in any way, in fact it's in pretty new condition, but I'm not getting nearly the performance I expected when I bought this. As of right now, I'm wondering if it could just be something with the game, maybe some patch they added that sucks up all of your performance, but wouldn't be surprised if it's not and my graphics card just isn't functioning properly. I've looked at posts, optimized settings, and done everything in my power to try and get the performance that I paid for with this thing, all to get fps that a lower end card could easily get. Please help.

System specs :

ROG STRIX 2080 ti 11gb
Intel core i9-9900k
32 gb trident z royal ram
Aorus z390 master

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Apr 4, 2019
Hey i didnt know could be used this way !
that's pretty usefull

Cubee, in your case, you paid for 3600Mhz ram, but it's running at 2133Mhz. as drivinfast247 said, you must enable XMP in the BIOS setup. (Check your motherboard's manual if you don't know how)

also your CPU performs bellow average, what kind of cooler do you have ? pics ?
the CPU will boost until it gets too hot, then it will gear down. that's why a good CPU gooler is important (for air cooling, good = big)