Question Horrible noise from speakers + freezing for 2 seconds (RGB fusion software)

Assaf Patishi

Jan 11, 2017
Hello everybody,
The title is somewhat general so I'll elaborate here. It's happening specifically when using Gigabyte's RGB fusion software, when I change the led color on my motherboard from within the software I sometimes (not every time) get a really loud and horrible "digital overload" kind of sound from the speakers (not from the actual hardware) accompanied by freezing of the entire system for about 2 seconds.
Now I know this software is terrible (to say the least) that's why I deleted it. But this kind of noise also happened to me in the past with other softwares in windows, even when opening the Windows Netflix app but it happens only for a brief moment less than half a second I think. But I can still hear this noise coming from the speakers and the system freezes during that time.
I have a pretty High-end machine: 9900k, Z390 aorus master, 16gb ram, 2080TI etc'. so I don't think it's related to the level of hardware.
Do you have any ideas of what is that noise? what causing it? can It actually damage the hardware? My pc is working fine.
It sound something like a cpu overload or ram overload..or maybe drivers. I can't really describe this noise in other way.
If you can enrich my knowledge I will appreciate it.
Thx, and sorry for the long post :)


Can you post a link that plays the "noise"?

And you are sure that the noise is from the speakers: internal or external? Make and model speakers. What speaker connections are being used?

Gigabyte's RGB Fusion is one problem software - understood. What "other softwares in windows" cause the noise to occur?

And if the system is freezing you may find some related error codes and warnings in Event Viewer and Reliability History/Manager.

Look for entries that occur just before or at the time of the freezes.