Question Horrible ping spikes constantly throughout the day.

Apr 13, 2019
For as long as I can remember my ping when playing on a wireless connection will sit anywhere below 50 for a few seconds than slowly climb to nearly 1k. and back down again, I've googled and googled possible fixes for this and nothing works, At most, every few days, the internet is usable. Im at my breaking point with this.
If you googled this problem you must have seen that it is never recommended to play games on wifi because this is a fundamental issue with games and wifi.

I would first test on a ethernet cable just to be sure your internet is not the cause.

After that you have very few options. Change the wifi channel, try both the 2.4g and 5g band, reduce the channel width to 20mhz. It will likely still have intermittent issues. There is nothing you can do to eliminate the interference from your neighbors wifi.

Pretty much the only option is to not to use wifi to play online games. Look into powerline if you can not use actual ethernet.