Hot temps In Summer


Feb 28, 2011
hey guys

i noticed today my graphics card was running around 59 degrees, so i amped the fans to 100% ( i use X Precision ) and its around 48-52 and the room tempurate is in the 40s - this was whilst running a high graphical game that it hit 59

Today was one of the hottest summer days in australia in years, and tomorrow to. which is fine, i expected high temps, my cpu and other stuff is all around 30

I have a good case, thermaltake V3 with intake/outtake fans looking after the right area's. all my fans are Xigmatek Orange LED Fans. along with custom heatsinks

So i was wondering if this is normal temps for a really hot day on a graphics card, ive heard the "panic" level for a gpu is around 90-100 degrees, some people say even then its fine some are just built to run hot

Oh yea my graphics card is a dual fan gigabyte GTX 460 SE


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