How am i doing so far.?


Mar 26, 2009
I am building a gaming rig on a super budget here, so tight, i dont have a limit, its basically buy what i can afford at the time.

upgrading from an old HP with an amd 3200+, and an ATI 2400 pro.

first thing was a case, i just picked up a micro center 20$ special, cut and drilled some holes in it, and stuck some more fans in it. I have a digital temp guage from my saltwater tank i stuck in it, just to monitor case temps, and i have yet to see the case temp get above 76F or so. not bad since my comp. room stays at around 72F.

now the guts

whent with the old faithfull E5200, got a new opened box one for 50$ at micro center. I wanted to play around with overclocking to try and get the most out of my money, i thought about the amd 7750 black, but seems like everywhere i looked the few extra $ you pay for the intel were really worth it after you OC, so i whent that route.

Gigabyte G31M-ES2L. was a toss up between this one and the asus PQL. picked this one mainly because it was 30$ cheaper, and it has the dual BIOS incase i really goof up, (i know i will).

OCZ vista gold, 4GB, 800MHZ PC2-6400. Again, price dictated this, think it was 25$ after mail in rebate, really no complaints so far.

Everything else is boring stock parts, as thats all the upgrading ive got done so far. Next is going to be the power supply, im guessing right now its maybe 280W, so needless to say, its not very happy right now, especially with the mild overclock i have on it.

I cant make a list of what i plan on putting in it, as i'll prolly end up buying whats on sale at that moment LOL.

Oh and im running windows 7 BETA.

right now i have a slight overclock ove 2.84GHZ and my ram is at an even 900, everything is stable, and cool, aas easy as it was to get here, i know i could get more, but i dont want to push it with the stock cooling and crap power supply.

before the upgrade i could only manage 34 FPS on the counter strike video stress test, new set-up is running 91 OC'ed with my crappy 2400 video card.



Feb 9, 2009
for a PSU on your budget i'd get a silverstone 500w 'green', they're pretty cheap and are made by seasonic.

for a gfx card, 4750 when it comes out, or a 9600gt if your impatient.


Jan 15, 2017
hi pls tell how is that mobo workiin,i am planin to buy any of these but are refurbished -p5ql pro,p5ql/epu,p5qlse,p5kplamse and aalso a refurbished cpu8600,pls tell which mobo is better