Question How are MSATA SSD's faster/better then SATA SSD's when MSATA's have an average read speed of 3000mb/s when SATA's are 6gb/s?!?!? I'M SO CONFUSED!!!!


Random operations will be MINIMALLY faster, if at all.

Transfers from that drive to a similar drive, will be MUCH faster, but if you transfer files to or from another drive with that drive, it will still be limited to the speed of the slower drive.

For gaming, it will MAYBE see a small bump in speed when loading maps, levels, textures or when saving game data IF you have the game files on that drive. If your game files are on another drive, then you will see no difference in speed whatsoever.

Windows itself, will probably see faster boot times, if you think shaving off two seconds from the amount of time it takes to boot is worth spending more money for, and might randomly see some minimal speed increases when it comes to things like writing the system restore image periodically or for virtual memory, browser cache or program installations. But it's not going to be enough for you to go "WOW" unless you are transferring NVME to NVME drive.
Yes, this is true.

Just like a Ferrari is much faster than a Fiat.

But if you're just going down to the store (or 'Gaming, browing and school work ')'ll not see that speed difference.
Agreed, I was just answering the main question (why are the 3000 MB/s SSDs supposedly faster than SATA if SATA is 6 Gbps), which seems to be a mixup of bits and bytes, at least that was my interpretation.