How bad is this vdroop?



So the other day I got the itch to overclock my phenomII be 720 again. I'd been using it at 3.1ghz with the vcore at 1.4 for almost a year but everyone else said that this thing would go to 3.5 easy on stock voltage.

Long story short after a disaster and barely able to regain my old overclock (bios upgrade and then downgrade)

it seems my vcore is all screwed up.

Right now I'm at 3.1ghz and 1.4 vcore in the bios.

during a stress test i see it go anywhere from low 1.3 to about 1.48max as it fluctuates up and down. The board is a asrock a780gmh ( i think thats the name off the top of my head). The PS is older 500w+ but decent if I remember (according to reviews when I got it). While stress testing temps hit about 55c after about 30 minutes and then go down and up about .5c as time goes on ie stable.

Ran memtest overnight and got 0 errors.

2 Questions

Is vdroop causing my crappy OC numbers and stability.

What could be causing my issues?

crappy board, crappy psu, bad ram, or maybe bad power inside the apartment?