Question how best preserve data integrity on home server ?


Mar 9, 2015
to raid or not ? is a hard decision. Maybe one raid and one redundant server non raid ?
How setup backups from one server to another that does not allow data destruction if virus f.ex get on.
How to monitor all drives health and avoid corrupted files ? sha1 or par2 file on whole volume ?
best would be if smart monitor reports drive before it even starts failing, like alerting a drive thats run nonstop more than 3 years f.ex. Is it normal drives wear out at that time ? or another time ?
Do ordinary mainboards support power down failing drives and allow others take over ?

Any good programs to monitor all health of a server , smart data for drives, cpu temp , fan speeds etc
to get alerts if anything needs attention.

Looking for tips on any hardware and software solutions that improve integrity or user friendlyness / save time.

Goal is best possible protection from anything , burglary , lightning etc at lowest price to preserve data

Good program for windows xp / 7 to copy and check there is no error in the transfer over network ?
normal copy will happily allow corrupted files if network or ram has issues.
It should be designed for doing whole partitions, if a file cant be read then its held back but should keep working and not ignore all other files in the job, keep trying until done etc even if power fails

Program to find doubles / similar files on a whole network. To check backups, which version is corrupted , find same files with different names, often a backup is renamed and waste double space on backup

Also grateful for any other tips or guide to make life as server admin easyer