How big power supply


May 3, 2009
I have currenty an Antec 850 watt which has been overheating recently and shutting my pc down. my specs are

Asus MB P5N, 2 sticks of DDR2 4 gigs, 3 regular sata drives, 2 optical drives, 5 case fans from 92 to 120mm, Intel E6400 dual core 2 processor, Creative soundblaster pci card, 2 Nvidia Geforce 8800GTS 650mb video cards in sli mode. what do i need to work with this setup properly. thanks

i looked at the calculators it could not be correct that most of them say either 400 watt to 600 watt. not sure what it is .


Dec 3, 2010
The power supply may be overheating due to not enough air flow rather than too much power being drawn from the unit.
Look at the directions that the fans are blowing the air, best rule is to have the air being drawn in the front of the computer case and blown out the back. Ensure that not all fans are blowing air into or out of the case, which will not allow free airflow around the components.
Also look at the cabling, is this blocking the fans from moving the air. Try moving the cabling out of the way to let the air flow.
Finally, ensure there is enough space at the back of the PC for the air to get out. If there is no space behind the case, the air will heat up quickly if it has no where to go, so the power supply can be sucking in warm air, causing it to heat up even more.
Hope this helps,