Discussion How can consumers protect themselves?


Jun 8, 2016
We consumers need to be on the lookout for devices that are not designed to cheat us. Tablets and Cell phones should have the following and we consumers should fight for and demand these things.
Our files are Ours! When u name a file then the name of that file should remain AND no device should ever change it.
Our files are again are OURS and we should be able to save them where ever we please without interference. If i wish to save locally to my external usb device this should never be hindered or hidden from options. I should not have to work extra hard to copy my files to a thumb drive on my devices and they should never just pretend to copy as they tend to do.
Cloudspace should never be my only option. These are my files and i need to know i can always easily acess them without having to read fine print or hire an attorny to find out if they will always be there without fee or hinderance to access without paying a fee. We always need to use the cloud as an extra option never the only means! as l'm sure lobbyists are conniving to monopolize and profitize your file ownership.
My device is mine and I should never wake up to it being changed. Just as my hair and my fingernails are mine i dont want these intimate things to be changed without my knowledge or acceptance.
My battery should always be replaceable.
Camera lenses should have covers that flip out of the way.
We Should have written guarantees that updates will never degrade the performance of my device in any way.

These rules are up to us consumers to inforce by our own selection and attention. Look for ask for and demand to keep your device yours and not something corporations own. One day these devices will be implanted in our bodies and we need to begin setting boundaries for ouselves. Corporations are MACHINES and are programmed to only make money
So in what ways can YOU think of that we consumers protect ourselves?



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