Question How can I be seen "different" by the remote side?

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Apr 20, 2013
A large local forum allows one person/PC to register and hold multiple accounts but they don't encourage but it's allowed so I am not being "illegal". I have a number of accounts for different reasons and all the registered information look different but I was once warned by one of their moderators about using multiple accounts.

I always log in those accounts with the same PC, same browser and the same internet connection so they should know it pretty easily.

How can I make sure that next time when I register a new account they won't be able to find out my other accounts totally?
  1. Is using a different computer and a different network enough?
  2. How about using the same computer, but registering and logging with different network? (e.g. one is through direct broadband, one is through data provided by other means like cellular data)
  3. How about using the same computer, under the same network, but registering their accounts and logging through VPN?
  4. How about using a different computer but the same cellular network? (i.e. the same data SIM on a pocket wifi device or the same direct broadband)

I'd like to once reassure that I'm not being illegal and I am NOT talking about government or police authorities. I know that officers can find out everything if they want, but I am NOT talking about them. Thanks for any comment.
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